Are You Ready To Meet Your Future Self?

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In this one hour exercise, meet the healthiest, most successful and abundant version of yourself AND get clear on what action steps you need to take. 

Envisioning is the first step to reality.


A guided meditation to meet the future you - the best version of you

Supercharge your experience with a round of Emotional Freedom Technique to inspire immediate ACTION towards the NEW YOU

PLUS, gain instant access to the Clarity Blueprint, to help you decide which area of your life to take action on first


Meet Your Future You NOW

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Working with Melanie has changed my life.

"The work she has done with me has brought things to my life that I never dreamed would be possible. Everytime I want something, I focus on it and it happens!"

Ellie Parvin - Communications Expert

What’s not to love about Mel?

"Her absolute authenticity and passion in everything she does shines so brightly, you immediately feel safe and connected with her and her message. Mel has a wealth of knowledge and is a living, breathing example of the truth of what she teaches."

 Bob Doyle - The Secret

Are you ready to meet your future self?

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