Tapping into Abundance (Full Payment)

£147.00 GBP

NOTE: This isn’t just a tap-and-get-rich program. It is about a shift in mindset, designed to empower you to enhance all areas of your life. That’s why in addition to adding in my creative visualization techniques, that help you get clear on and aligned with exactly what you want, I’ve also incorporated practical exercises such as:

    Decluttering (to make way for more good to come into your life!)  

    Getting clear on your current financial situation (short-circuits fear)

    Clearing money blocks (the old beliefs, guilt, shame, worries that pinch us off from money and all abundance)  

    Gratitude practices(all faith traditions and the wisest people throughout history all agree that gratitude works to bring even more good things into your life)

    And so much more!

Bonus Masterclasses:



  • Slay your debt Masterclass with Naseema McElroy from Financially Intentional
    Value $197
  • Abundance Crystal Grid Mastery with Silke Tyler Value $197
  • Angels and Abundance Masterclass with Aishling Mooney Value $197

PLUS Bonus Tapping Videos

  • Tapping for a Surprise windfall of money
  • Tapping to clear money worry
  • Plus one extra to be decided in a group poll.
  • Tapping for more clients
  • Tapping for total money overwhelm/ worry over bills


What People Are Saying:

To be completely honest, tapping was a very new concept for my husband and me, and we were very skeptical. How could tapping our fingers on our face produce any results? It was December, we were in a winter slump and were desperate for a financial win. Melanie was leading a tapping session on financial abundance and we figured, “what do we have to lose?” We went through the exercise which was very calming. Melanie’s voice was soothing and reassuring and I felt a sense of peace come over me. At the end of the session, we both looked at each other and smiled and it was as if we could feel the shift in our bodies and minds. The next day, to our surprise, we received an unexpected check from a client in the mail!! Then, my husband was approached by a mentor to work with him on a launch which ended up being a six-figure launch. Melanie is the real deal! Regardless of what you may be struggling with, give tapping with Melanie Bundock a chance and I promise you won’t regret it.

Serena & Andy Ryan

Thank you so much Melanie, your course has seriously changed my life. I joined wanting to make more money, but I actually learnt a lot more about what waspreventing me make more money. Hidden secrets I had no idea I had! I literally use what I have learned on a daily basis and re-take the whole course often as I get better results every time! If you are reading this and considering joining, do it is my advice as you won’t regret it.

Michelle Lloyd, UK, Founder of United ArtSpace

Since starting your course, I get “mini-ahas” nearly every day. I got a cheque from an account that was closed 15 years ago. Today enough money came in to pay off the Mortgage! I know it is due to the tapping, being open to abundance and having a vision board plan, as it has all come sideways, unexpectedly, from nowhere predictable. Completely amazed over here!

Virginia Cattle, Nappy Time UK

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