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Tapping into Your Big Vision

In the first session, I will be inspiring you to focus on what is possible! I want you to know that there are no limits to your Big Vision. I will be sharing some inspiring stories of people who have gone on to live their Big Vision.

The second session focuses on letting go of the past. I will lead you through an exercise to let go of past hurts, regrets and pain of the past. These could be patterns we find ourselves continually repeating in our lives.

The third session – THE FUN PART! Making your Vision Board itself. You will need to provide your own materials (list below) However I will be sharing lots of inspirational images and quotes for you to download and print off for your board.

The fourth session – for me this is the KEY STEP in the manifestation process. This is having the belief that what you desire will manifest. In this final part of the Virtual Workshop, we will be adding the secret sauce – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping as it is also known) I will lead a powerful tapping session for you to tap with your newly created Vision Boards. When we tap with our boards, we keep the belief and expectation high. The perfect conditions in which manifestation occurs.

Materials You Need For The Event Itself

All the teachings will be taking place in an exclusive Facebook group, which will has been created just for this event. On the day of the event, there will be at least four live broadcasts and I will be sharing and teaching THE EXACT SAME content that I teach at my live events

  • A Vision Board – this could be a foam board, thick cardboard, a pin board.
  • Magazines (you can generally request these from Facebook groups/ hair and beauty salons)
  • Images that represent the items on your board, homes, holiday destinations, health and fitness images.
  • Scissors and Glue
  • Any decorative additions – really let your creativity loose here

What People Are Saying:

Since attending the Vision Board Workshop, the biggest thing I have created is to start my own business, something that didn’t think was possible. My vision is to go from a home salon, to a global, international brand, to be recognised in my industry. I aleady know this is happening! Melanie actually tells you that your dreams aren’t small, that you need to think of crazy things that you would never imagine happening in your life. Then suddenly they appear, and it all becomes reality. And you do get what you really want in your life” You start off thinking this is just woo woo, this is never going to work, but Mel teaches you skills and guides you on your journey and to believe that anything can happen, even the impossible!

Jemma Phillips